Industrial Safety Innovations

Kristy Eudy

Throughout the course of constructing an industrial project – whether it’s with one of our many logistics, distribution or manufacturing clients -- there are varying touch points of ensuring a safe jobsite. Having constructed hundreds of industrial projects throughout Northern and Southern California, totaling in millions of square feet – the KPRS team uses numerous safe practices as a baseline at project sites. These include daily cleanup, oversight of trenches, slab pours, panel lifts, and site crane usage. However in light of covid, and as the volume of industrial projects continue to increase at KPRS, we’ve enacted several other priorities as part of our industrial safety protocols. Keep reading for the top five practices we currently implement.

Onsite Safety

Once concrete panels are lifted, and an industrial building goes vertical, we’ve worked with many clients to provide a full-time onsite safety officer. While the KPRS safety team makes regular jobsite visits, the expanse of square feet and complexity of many projects has in many instances influenced the shift to full-time oversight. Along with the project team, this added personnel provides daily checks to construction activities with additional peace of mind for our clients.

Online Tracking

While specific safety information is readily available through the use of project management software, KPRS has also joined Avetta, a tracking platform that enables teams to continuously update safety information in real-time throughout the course of the project. Clients are able to easily view and access these updates as needed, as well as include information for major subcontractors upon the client’s request.

Regional Oversight

As KPRS is headquartered in Southern California, the KPRS safety team rotates to all project sites throughout Northern and Southern California. Yet due to the increase of NorCal industrial projects, the KPRS NorCal office now has dedicated safety personnel for the NorCal region, including projects throughout Sacramento to Livermore, Hayward and Pleasanton.

Preinstallation Meetings

Beginning at the project kickoff, and throughout each phase, the KPRS team works to stay in communication with subcontractors for upcoming construction activities. These preinstallation meetings are a key aspect of maintaining jobsite safety. The project team holds these meetings several weeks in advance and walks through any potential hazards or conflicts, while ensuring the proper delivery schedule.

Covid Protocols

Since the onset of covid and now with emerging variants, KPRS has frequently employed a third party to manage the covid-free safety of all onsite personnel. While each project already includes an entry check point, this added team member provides additional support in measuring and recording each person’s temperature, providing a visual check of covid symptoms or abnormalities, assigning wrist bands and filling out appropriate paperwork.

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