KPRS Construction Services, Inc.

  1. We will continue to foster and develop the positive public image of KPRS Construction Services, Inc. (KPRS) through our business and personal conduct.
  2. We will recognize the importance of trust from employees, clients, and the community, and we will balance their needs with the needs of KPRS accordingly.
  3. We will always produce the highest quality of work, never settle for mediocrity or cut corners to get a job done.
  4. We will never compromise our own high standards and values, assuring that we may continue to grow and thrive in a market of constant competition.
  5. We will be environmentally responsible, always improving our practices for towards a sustainable development.
  6. We will consistently strive to reflect and embody our motto: “EXPERIENCE, INNOVATION, DEDICATION.”

Our Values

We strongly encourage employees to find balance with their families, communities, and commitment to their faith. Our company has been built around a set of values that defines our success in relation to the key participants in our organization:

To Our Clients
We must help clients meet their goals. Our reputation relies on the success of putting our client’s goals and objectives first and foremost. This commitment assists clients in meeting their goals, resulting in a majority of our work being with repeat clients.

To Our Families
We are dedicated to the long term success of KPRS and know that sacrifices must be made to keep us on the proper track. At the same time, we are committed to being with our families and take very seriously the role we play in our children’s lives – not just someone who pays the bills.

To Our Employees
Our employees depend on KPRS to make proper decisions for its long term success. Our employees should not expect us to take unreasonable risks or short cuts but should expect us to provide a stable environment for long term growth and long term employment.

To Our Employees’ Families
Every important decision we make at KPRS should assure the stability of the organization for our employees and their families. All of our families depend on KPRS for the essentials of living. Our dedication and commitment to this responsibility will assure these needs are met for many years to come.

To Our Community
With success and profitability, come many obligations. We have an obligation to give back to the community in which we live and do our work. This community service should not only be as a company but also as individuals in our own communities.

To Our Faith
Our faith is critical for personal growth and personal success. We believe without faith, one cannot actually achieve true satisfaction. Our service and commitment to our faith is not specific in denomination but serves as a united morale compass. KPRS has many faiths and beliefs amongst its employees and encourages that each person finds active involvement in their faith.