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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development TN

KPRS is committed to staying at the forefront of green building. We believe that sustainable practices and environmental building provides unbeatable benefits to our communities, a healthier planet also contributes economic advantages and cost savings to our customers and contractors.

KPRS is a recognized green builder in Orange County and has ranked in the top 100 list of Green Builders nationwide. We are a member of our local Orange County Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and have worked on over a dozen LEED projects including Office, Retail, Medical, Financial, Hospitality, Public, Industrial and Transportation buildings from 6,000sf to 600,000sf. We have a team of LEED Accredited Professionals who oversee and ensure that our green buildings comply with the USGBC guidelines, and we’re growing that team via weekly accreditation training sessions with a goal of five more LEED APs on staff by Spring of 2011.

Our green practices are not limited to buildings under contract, but are often more heavily focused on consulting services for Owners and potential clients, both in LEED and non-LEED evaluations of green feature cost, feasibility and environmental impact (remember a building doesn’t have to be LEED to be green!)

Our green practices are not just limited to the buildings we construct, but echo through our business practices. One of our major achievements is waste stream source control. Construction management is a paper-heavy industry, and KPRS is leading the way to minimize both the raw material consumption and the necessary downstream waste management of paper products. We have worked with our local reprographics company to implement a completely paperless plan distribution and bid solicitation system (Bidmail). We have independently developed interactive CDs for project close-out documents, and we have a streamlined and state-of-the-art project management system (Primavera Expedition ‘Contract Manager’) capable of managing and maintaining our electronic files. Finally we have brought a third party paper recycler into our office (a service not supported by the municipal waste hauler), in order to handle any vestiges of paper that remain.